Emergency Appeals

Help save lives around the world who urgently need your help to recover from a recent humanitarian disaster.

Global Emergency Fund

Your donation will be shared between all the emergency appeals

Rohingya Emergency

An Oppressed group, driven out of their land and their women, children killed.

Gaza Emergency

People are suffering from a deadly blockage restricting their movement and necessity of life.

Winter Appeal

Help people living in freezing conditions without any shelter or warmth to survive.

East Africa Famine

A country gripped by severe drought. Thousands will die if immediate help is not provided.

Iraq Emergency

Ten million people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

Syria Emergency

A staggering 13.1 million people across Syria are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

Bangladesh Flood

The severe flooding is destroying livelihoods and plunging families into debt.

Yemen Emergency

A devastating war, extreme hunger and disease are killing people in Yemen every day.

Sadaqah Jariyah

A continues source of gaining rewards for you and your loved ones even after passing away.


Education will lift an entire community for prosperity and out of poverty.

Dig A Well

Give a life line for the thirsty community and a source of continues reward for you.

Build A Home

May Allah build a home for you in Jannah. Let a family feel the comfort of a home

Sponsor a Hafiz

You will get continuous reward every time the Hafiz recites or teaches.

Sponsor An Orphan

Imagine a life without parents. Watch the orphans smile and grow.


Invest your un-used money to earn rewards for your hereafter..


Give a wheelchair to a disabled person allowing them to navigate freely.


Make the most out of this blessed month, Allah knows if we will live to benefit from next Ramadhan.

Feed the Fasting

Help families in need who are starving and don’t even have food to break their fast.

Fitra (Zakatul Fitr)

Compulsory charity for everyone which must be given before Eid-ulFitr Prayer.


If anyone is unable to fast and cannot make up for it later for valid reasons.


If anyone misses or breaks their fast unnecessarily for no valid reasons.

Eid Gifts

Share your happiness and make a child smile and earn reward on this joyful day of Eid.

Animal Sacrifice

Reward for every hair of the animal that you sacrifice.

Eid Al-Adha Qurbani

A compulsory sacrifice for everyone that is able

General Qurbani

Perform Qurbani on behalf of the Prophet, your living or deceased family or friends.


An important animal sacrifice for your new-born child.


Give someone a boost to start earning and support their family.


Make it possible for a person to quickly and easily start earning and providing for family.

Sewing Machine

Help a mothers and daughters to earn a livelihood to support their family.


Buy farm cattle for a family and make them self-sufficient to support their family.


Interest Money

Get rid of your haram interest money by helping the poor and needy.

Buy Ummah Appeal’s merchandise to support the charity.

Attend Ummah Appeal’s exciting charity events.


Take part in Ummah Appeal’s challenges and win amazing prizes.